Anna Murakawa

Violinist | PhD in Music

Check out his first authorial song, "Thank you", in thanks for the support of family, friends, artists and everyone who appreciates their work and music.

Anna Murakawa

Violinista | PHD em Música

Anna Murakawa lives and works in Sydney, Australia and has played in several orchestras and shows alongside big names in the music industry such as Eminem, Michael Bublé and Hanson.
Recently, Anna released her first authorial song, "Obrigada", in thanks to the support of family, friends, artists and everyone who appreciate her work and music. In addition, he received a special invitation from the Lima Family to record the song Canto, already available on Youtube. He is currently working on the other tracks on his authorial album.

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From Brasil to the world

Brazilian in several continents

Bachelor's degree at the National Music Academy, Bulgaria; graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, United States; master's degree at the University of Louisville, Kentucky; doctorate at the University of Sydney, Australia.

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A career that began at the age of 13

From a social project to a professional career

Have you ever imagined discovering your vocation and your greatest passion at 13? It was like that for the Brazilian Anna Murakawa. At this age, she joined Projeto Guri and had her first contact with the violin, an instrument that became essential in her life. This project appeared in 1995 with the objective of offering activities in the school day for children and adolescents in the state of São Paulo and today it is considered the largest Brazilian socio-cultural program.

During the first days of class, the future violinist had her first contact with the violin, was enchanted and decided to pursue a professional career.

“My life was completely transformed through this project. I owe them my eternal gratitude, ”he says.


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